CSD Mind Management System (Core)

Mastering your thoughts, emotions, and decisions with CSD.

What is CSD?

  • CSD, which stands for "Conscious Subconscious Dynamics", is a mind management system I developed back in 2009 as the foundation of my personal development coaching service.
  • CSD is comprised of over a decade worth of self-study, research, and personal observations regarding the human mind, life-management, and peak performance.
  • CSD contains various tools and strategies designed to assist people with understanding and managing their thoughts, emotions, and decisions in order to maximize their potential.
  • CSD is based on the idea that our conscious and subconscious minds are vastly different with different desires and needs and it is these differences that cause internal conflicts which prevent a person from becoming their ideal self.

When I am working with a coaching client my goal is to show them how to manage their thoughts, emotions, and decisions. I do this using a 3 step process designed to deal with their inner conflicts.

  1. Discover the conflict: The first step is always to figure out what conflict is causing issues for the person. What is it that is holding them back and preventing them from achieving their desired results?
  2. Understand the conflict: Then it is important to figure out the reasoning behind the conflict. There is always a positive cause that produced the conflict. Understanding what created the conflict is vital for dealing with it.
  3. Resolve the conflict: The final step is to work through the conflict and create harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds. By doing this you remove what is blocking the person from managing their thoughts, emotions, and decisions.

This course is designed to teach you the entire CSD mind management system so that you can learn how to resolve your own inner conflicts and develop the ability to coach yourself.

"When your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, rarely will you achieve your goals and desires."

-Jeremy T. Jordan-


Here are Just a Few of the Things This Course Will Show You About Your Thoughts:

  • Learn about the 4 needs that govern the conscious mind, comprised of the instinctive need, intellectual need, social need, and central need.
  • Explore the 6 external sources that helped create your personal rules and how they influence your thoughts and focus.
  • Discover the difference between your values and your triggers and why it is important to have them in alignment.
  • Understand why we have two minds, what the conscious mind's role is, and how you can enhance what it does.
  • Develop a series of tools that you can use to change your focus, produce empowering internal thoughts, and resolve your unanswered questions.

Some of the Insights You Will Uncover About the Function of Your Emotions:

  • Discover what produces and controls all of the emotions you experience and why they can sometimes feel out of your control.
  • Explore the link between your beliefs and the emotions you experience on a consistent bases and how a simple shift can have a dramatic effect.
  • Learn about the 8 categories of negative emotions including both high and low energy emotions and the purpose and message of each one.
  • Develop a strategy for cultivating the 8 categories of positive emotions and how to use them as counterweights against negativity.
  • Create a series of tools to maximize your mastery of your emotions as well as assisting others with their emotional control.

Some examples of what will be covered regarding how you make decisions:

  • Discover why all of your decisions are influenced by the 7 needs of the mind and how to align these needs in order to make better decisions.
  • Learn the 5 categories of habits and how they relate to your habitual decisions and consistent actions.
  • Explore the power of your core identity and how it help govern all of your decisions and what you can do to change it.
  • Uncover the process of how you make decisions at both a conscious and subconscious level and why both systems are important.
  • Create a system of tools and strategies for managing your decisions and develop the skills of quality decision making.

When you get to the end of the course there is a final test. Complete the final test and send it to me and you will receive the following bonus items at no extra cost to you. Just send the test showing you learned the information and you will be all set.

  • 30 Minute Q&A With Me Personally: You will get to ask me any questions you have about the information in the course or about how to utilize the tools and strategies. This 30 minutes session can be done online or in person. ($100 value)
  • 20% Off Any Of My Coaching Packages: Receive a coupon for a 20% discount on any of my coaching packages including my premium package as well as my single issues coaching. ($400 average value)
  • Become eligible For My Exclusive Community: Later this year I will be launching a private community called Mind Masters Society that will only be available for select people. By completing this course you will be eligible to become a member. (Exclusive value)

-Jeremy T. Jordan-

Founder of the Know Thy Mind Online Academy


Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Jeremy T. Jordan
Jeremy T. Jordan

Jeremy T. Jordan began his journey of exploring the human mind and personal development back in 1993 when he was just 18 years old. Over the years he would use what he was learning to help his friends and family deal with a variety of issues. One of his close friends suggested that he should be coaching people for a living, which motivated him to start his first life-coaching business in 2009 called "Why U Can Life Management".

Since that time Jeremy has helped countless people learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions, and decisions. Also in 2009 Jeremy developed his own mind management system as the bases of his coaching which he calls Conscious Subconscious Dynamics (CSD).

In 2017 Jeremy decided he needed to go beyond coaching and instead focus on teaching people how they can coach themselves. He founded a new company called Know Thy Mind. The purpose of this new company is to share the ideas and strategies of CSD in order to train people on how they can provide their own personal development.

Why is an Online Course Better Than Coaching?

The answer...

Time and Money


This course contains over 15 hours worth of instructional videos jam-packed with quality information, strategies, and tools for managing your thoughts, emotions, and decisions giving you the ability to coach yourself.

With coaching you would do one session a week and it would take you 15 weeks to learn all of this information. With the course you can absorb the information at the pace you prefer.

If you did just 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, you would be done in 3 weeks rather than 15 weeks. That is a big savings on how long it takes you to learn this information and begin to apply it to your life.


The reality is coaching is expensive. The fact that many people can not afford to hire a personal life-coach is one of the reasons I wanted to create this course.

If you did 15 coaching sessions to learn all the information that is contained in this course it would cost you $2250. That is a lot of money for anyone to spend on learning how to coach themselves.

With this online course the cost is less than 2 coaching sessions. That's a saving of about $2000 when you compare coaching versus doing an online course*.

*(and you still get the 30 minute Q&A with me personally)

As you can see, purchasing this course is going to save you a ton of time and money compared to hiring me as your life-coach. You owe it to yourself to develop the skills and strategies of being able to coach yourself and put your life on a new path...

Ask yourself: "Do you want to keep going in the same direction you have been, or do you want to forge a new direction for your life?"

The choice is yours. Give yourself the gift of knowing how to resolve your inner conflicts so that you can master your thoughts, emotions, and decisions.